Reservations : 044 874 5313
Address : 122 York Street, George



Our Beef is aged on the bone

and grilled to perfection

Served with Chunky Veg and a choice of hand cut Chips, Crushed Baby Potatoes, Mash or Salad

                                                                                                       Fillet   200g       158

                                                                                                       Rump    200g     118          300g   162    

                                                                                                       Sirloin  200g     118           300g   162

                                                                                                       Ostrich  200g    120

                                                                                                Sauces (Made with Fresh Cream)   25

                                                                                                                  Mushroom, Blue Cheese, Green Peppercorn, Honey and Mustard

Portuguese Peri-Peri Steak   add 15

Spicy and Hot, served with an Egg

Chateaubriand La Capannina   add 30

A Brandy flambéed steak Herb Butter flavoured, served with

                                                                                                                      buttermilk and Chives mash Potato, topped with Italian Salsa