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Address : 122 York Street, George




Focaccia   42

Garlic and Herb or Garlic, Feta and Herb or Feta and Herb

     Antipasto Platter   121    

Prosciutto, Salami Rustica, Pancetta, marinated Olives with Flatbread

   Salmon Twirls   56  

Smoked Salmon, Horseradish, Red Pepper, Red Onion, Cucumber, Dill,

lemon Zest, Cream, Mayonnaise and ‘Caviar’

  Smoked Ostrich   101

Thinly sliced smoked Ostrich served with Rocket, Parmesan shavings and Olive oil

     Mussel Pot   72

Half Shell Black Mussels cooked in a blend of dry white wine,Cream, fresh Herbs and Garlic

      Brie and Bacon   72  

A wedge of Brie wrapped in Bacon and Phyllo Pastry, deep fried and served on a bed of Sweet Chilli sauce and topped with a Wild Berry Coulis

Involtini   62

Grilled Aubergines, sundried Tomato, fresh Basil, Pinenuts, Prosciutto, Mozzarella cheese and Rocket


     Calamari   60  

Deep fried strips served with Wasabi Mayonnaise

Snails   71

Served in Garlic Butter and topped with Blue Cheese

Greek Salad   78

Tossed Greens with Cherry Tomatoes, Feta,

Red Onion, Calamata Olives with a Homemade dressing

Caesars Salad   79

Mixed Greens topped with Cherry Tomatoes, Croutons, Red Onion, Parmesan Shavings served with a Creamy Blue Cheese dressing

Choose - Italian Anchovies, Chicken or Bacon

Chicken Salad   81

Tossed Greens, Chicken Strips, Feta,

Avo, Pumpkin Seeds, Croutons, Cherry Tomatoes with a Homemade Pappadew Dressing

Mediterranean Tuna Salad   68

Marinated Tuna, green Beans, Cherry Tomatoes, Capers, baby Potatoes and a red Onion homemade dressing