Hot Chocolate Fudge Cake

R 68

A hot, melt in your mouth, chocolate sponge cake, with chocolate sauce, and a choice of Ice Cream or Cream

Tiramisu (homemade)

R 58

A homemade, Coffee flavoured Mascarpone cake with whipped Cream and finished with chocolate shavings

Creme Brulee (homemade)

R 58

A delicious Vanilla custard based dessert, topped with a layer of hard Caramel

Panna Cotta (homemade)

R 42

A light and creamy traditional Italian dessert served with a homemade Berry Coulis

Cassata Slice

R 48

Layers of Vanilla, Chocolate ice cream mixed with glazed fruits and sprinkled nuts, drizzled with chocolate on a thin layer of sponge

Tartufo San Carlone

R 51

A beautiful handmade Tartufo, Cassata ice cream surrounded by Tiramisu ice cream, coated in chocolate and crushed nuts

La Capannina Marangue

R 56

A Marangue casing topped with Vanilla ice cream and finished with our famous Berry Coulis


R 62

Chocolate biscuit with Vanilla ice cream, Coffee Caramel sauce & Honeycomb

Mint Tartufo

R 49

A scoop of mint ice cream wrapped in chocolate ice cream and coated with chocolate mint crisp

Cheesecake (homemade)

R 56

Homemade Lemon fridge cake topped with Meringues and Candied Lemon